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What is marine legal expenses insurance ?

MILE Insurance have teamed up with ARAG Services Australia to provide Marine Essentials Legal Expense Insurance that enables recreational boat owners, their family, guests and crew on board to protect themselves from the legal costs and expenses of some common marine legal problems.

It provides affordable access to legal advice and representation in courts and tribunals that might otherwise not be possible due to the substantial costs involved.

The Marine Essentials Legal Expense Insurance through MILE covers the gaps that your boat insurance is likely to leave open. Including contract disputes, pursuing third parties for damage to you or your boat and uninsured loss recovery. It also gives access to professional legal advices and the legal document centre.

Marine Legal Expenses

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  • Uninsured Loss Recovery

  • Contract Disputes 

  • Marina Berthing Disputes

  • Personal injury 

  • Boat Damage 

  • Criminal Prosecution Defence

  • License & Regulation 

  • Legal information helpline 

  • Document Centre